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Brandon Rimes, Consumer Advocate and Your Resource

Brandon and his expert team share their professional passion for helping others succeed through their extensive knowledge of health & wellness, nutrition management, recreation, small business planning and a number of professional fields to help you with financial issues! Our team prides ourselves on being a consumer advocate, offering free resources to help you live a better life. If you are looking for a life change or help in any of the fields that we have experts versed in, reach out using the confidential contact form to the right and Brandon will respond within 24 hours to give you advice and a personal referral for someone on his team to help you meet your specific goal right here in Tampa. Brandon’s motto is “Helping consumers win in any marketplace!”

Reach out to Brandon for free resources.

  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Cryogenic Therapy
  • Nutrition Management
  • Diet Planning
  • Meal Planning
  • Personal Training
  • Web Design
  • Web Management
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Repair
  • Consumer Advocacy
  • Retirement Planning
  • Video Production
  • Tech Repair
  • Tech Assistance
  • Increasing your Credit Score
  • Family Law Help
  • Immigration Law Help
  • Save from Foreclosure
  • Estate Planning

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Please make sure to tune in Tuesday at 7 PM to listen to our newest partners!

We are proud to announce the arrival of Nicole Fouche and Charity Carolla of Pranique Chronic Healing and Yoga as members of our team!  Nicole and Charity are the co-owners of Pranique, which is a yoga and general wellness practice in Oldsmar.  Their pranique healing practice is one that focuses on a the energy cells within a person, and Nicole is the only person in Tampa Bay, and one of the only people in Florida to be a licensed pranique healer.

The women talk about their company, the different services, and why yoga and pranique healing practices are important, and what kind of benefits it can offer to a consumer health wise. They also have different offers, if you reach out to our show hotline number, including an almost free rate to attend your first yoga class with them, just mention that you heard them through us!

You can check them out at and they are also listed under our “expert contributors” column on our page. They are located at 400 Race Track Road in Oldsmar. Their show will be airing on 1250 WHNZ, and can be also listened to through the IHeart Radio app or at

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Coming to this free event, allows the consumers an invaluable opportunity to connect with our expert partners, ask questions about things they might need help with or being able to set up a time for them to meet where they can discuss whatever pressing issue is currently at hand.

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