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Brandon and his expert team share their professional passion for helping others succeed through their extensive knowledge of real estate, credit, finance, estate & tax planning health & wellness, nutrition management, recreation, small business planning and a number of professional fields to help you with financial issues! Our team prides ourselves on being a consumer advocate, offering free resources to help you live a better life.

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Cqb show 11.5.18

Chris Hatfield – Tampa Screens & Aluminum
Steve Gunnin – Replenish IV Solutions

Chris – Screen rooms are big addition to properties, when fix and flip buyers want to add value
-be aware when buying some pre fab outdoor structures from a big Box store, they are not made for florida weather conditions

Steve – providing recovery for athletes and non athletes alike
-works with teams and business groups
-people battling disease often work w steve for aid in digesting vitamins, calories…nutrients


#yourgirlpaulina – from cocktails to networking paulina has all the info
-upcoming events and networking opportunities
-new partner sacinos offering great fashion for men

Cqb show 11.6.18

Julien Borbon – CCC
Megan Austin – Soho Wellness

Julien – CCC has the wine woman and shoes event coming up
-all sorts of businesses can volunteer their services for CCC
-olive garden, ale house longhorn, ….great restaurant partners
-not too late to get involved, you can make a difference in kids lives


Megan – soho has new services that allow customers to select the best treatment for them
-massage, facial, deep tissue, meditation….find your peace
-your stress levels are causing pain and inflammation, let soho work out your stress
-small duties can add up to stress & headaches…typing, standing or sitting for long periods, phone hand, driving

Cqb show 11.7.18

Ron Sacino – Sacinos Formalwear & Mens Clothing
DJ Ian Doubt – Executive Fast Breaks Entertainment

Ron – get your look polished up for the holidays
– family business, started 102 years ago
-changed w the times, now offers dry cleaning services
-dresses VIP’s in tampa
-locally owned, invested in the community
-bag your clothes when packing your suits, keeps them wrinkle free

Ian – make your business feel the holidays, any groups or family, your party needs a great DJ
-more than just music, Ian offers videos, games, lots of different choices for entertainment
-don’t skimp on your production, hire a pro…check their backround, insurance, etc

#yourgirlpaulina – events coming up, lots of new partners to meet
-networking event coming up, w amicis and DJ Ian
-hear the latest networking and party dates from paulina
-dec 6 networking event, great venue…secret garden

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