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Brandon and his expert team share their professional passion for helping others succeed through their extensive knowledge of real estate, credit, finance, estate & tax planning health & wellness, nutrition management, recreation, small business planning and a number of professional fields to help you with financial issues! Our team prides ourselves on being a consumer advocate, offering free resources to help you live a better life.

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Cqb show 5.7.19

Jason Kobal – Kobal Law Conner Keller – Insect IQ


Jason – Jason tells the story of his casino game invention, listen to the story of an entrepreneur who was able to develop a casino game – Jason can assist w social security for retirees, social security collection issues are common




Conner – yellowjackets are swarming bay area, lots of calls for removal -check out all the great pictures from Conners insect removal jobs – don’t get stung…call Conner

Cqb show 5.6.19

Jason Sallman – Cryptocurrency

William Crowley – Credit Restoration


Jason – crypto continues to expand its uses -imf has acknowledged bitcoin and plans to get ready for its impact on the worlds economy -listen to Jason explain some of cryptos possible benefits




William – people need to take advantage of the laws protecting them from credit reporting agencies…there are laws in place to protect you -collectors know the consumers are not aware of the law, they buy this debt and use scare tactics, harassing calls to get your $

Cqb show 5.2.19

Rick Nickerson – Bottomzupp

Gregg Bowman – The AC


Guy of TB Rick – how do you get great customer service from your staff? -listen to our partners discuss how to motivate employees




Gregg – has used different philosophies to train employees, check out the techniques to train your staff – have to build a successful culture, then the environment trains the staff

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