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Brandon and his expert team share their professional passion for helping others succeed through their extensive knowledge of real estate, credit, finance, estate & tax planning health & wellness, nutrition management, recreation, small business planning and a number of professional fields to help you with financial issues! Our team prides ourselves on being a consumer advocate, offering free resources to help you live a better life.

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Latest Episodes

Cqb show 9.3.19

Rick Nickerson – Bottomzupp bottomzupp.com Jason Sallman – Crypto-currency blockspaces.io Rick – tells the story of an employee, how he found this guy, how he developed his work ethic, ….fast forward 8 years and this kid is his crew leader -Rick shares his vision, and how he established the foundation of bottomzupp -production method…like McDonald s, good business teaches a detailed method




Jason – explains block chains and how they impact efficiency and security for data storage, business…etc -emerging tech requires education…learn how to use these emerging technologies, how they will be part of our future maarketplace

Cqb show 9.2.19

Diane Vance – Fairway Independent Mortgage dianevance.com William Crowley – Credit Restoration raiseourscore.com Diane – offering a drawing for prize to listeners, Diane has a great team and is able to shop all the possible deals…she will get you qualified early -learn how play the game, credit is influenced by many factors, you can control some of them…be proactive




William – explains how credit reporting agencies are often to blame for ID theft -learn how to use the laws to stop collection, best way to deal w harassing calls from collection agents -how to improve your credit

Cqb show 8.29.19

Lauren Frieder Esq. – FCM Law fcmlaw.com Stephanie Rosario – FCM Law fcmlaw.com

Lauren – discusses some important details for people going to court, when you listen to Lauren explain how the judge views the litigants behavior, you understand how important your appearance, arrival time, courtroom conduct and mannerisms can be -landlords vs tenants legal issues,,,Lauren explains how the legal process plays out w lease issues…FLA Statute ch. 83



Stephanie – Tips for people working with lawyers regarding real estate transactions can learn some tips about…wire transfers, critical dates, doc signings…etc

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